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Do you believe in ghosts? Do you miss loved ones that have passed on the next world? How far would you go to see them again? Would you try to contact them? How about revenge? If you were murdered, would you come back to seek out your killer? Would you want to warn the world of his crimes and help his next victim?
Some people say that ghosts are people who have become stuck in this world because they have unfinished business and there many documented cases that ghost haunt houses, motels, and even places in the woods and near streams.
One major question we must all ask ourselves is: Am I ready to leave this world for the next? Could you honestly say to yourself, “I’m finished with this part of my life and I’m ready for whatever awaits?”
Many people are afraid to die, but there are reports that claim death is very peaceful. Many who have died and came back claim to have seen their families and were filled with joy. These people have said that they were told it wasn’t yet their time and they should return and live out their lives. But, for others, they had no choice.
If you had the chance to come back what would you do? Would you apologize to someone, hoping to make amends; would play one last prank on someone, getting the last laugh; or, would you take full advantage of your unique situation and become a first rate ghost, haunting houses and places you once lived?
The stories in this book will surprise you. This is not a run of the mill ghost story collection. The fate of the last man on earth is learned as he tries to survive in a world filled with the ghosts. Another man has to save his sister from a demonic carnival. There’s a woman who doesn’t know she’s dead and slowly learns what to do with her new found powers. You’ll read about a man who works very hard to renovate his family home, just to learn that a ghost won’t leave the builders at peace.
At times, it isn’t a person that haunts the living. Have you ever heard of an object becoming possessed? It’s been reported many times how an object holds the spiritual remains of it’s deceased owner and you’ll come across objects in this book that have those qualities.
At times the deceased are truly missed by the living, but can that sorrow be taken to far? Perhaps after reading this book you’ll have an opinion on how much mourning is too much.
In the end, we all know that death comes for us all and there will come a day when there’s just nothing more we can do to avoid dying. At that time we will leave behind loved ones, and for some the worst part of leaving this world is not knowing how the ones we love will fair. Not having the joy of seeing our children grow up, watching get married, graduate, and become the successful men and women we raised them to be. This can be more distressing than dying itself. On the other hand, death is the one way we have which can reunited us with those who have gone before us.
Death is a sad thing, both for the living and for the one passing. But is it the end? There are many questions to what lies ahead beyond this world and perhaps some of your questions will be answered in Thadd Presley Presents: Hauntings.

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Thadd Presley Presents (Matt Hatfield) pdf, epub, doc

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