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Great news for anyone who was thrilled by the Star Wars movies but wanted to know more about The Force. Science Fiction Author, Michael Mathiesen has discovered the actual laws of Physics that relate to the magical and mystical force as seen in the movies that anyone can use to defeat their own version of the Empire and greatly improve their own destiny.

The Force of Star Wars fame has recently been discovered by Scientists using the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland and dubbed it 'The God Particle Field'. In this new ground-breaking book, the author has uncovered the mathematical formula that defines how easily the same Force can be used in every day life right here on Earth and not in some galaxy far, far away. Those of us who may want to use it to threaten physical violence will be greatly disappointed, however, since The Force that created the universe and all things within it is not capable of being abused by mere mortals. There is no Dark Side to The Force - The Force can never do any harm, only good.

The book details how the Force Equation is as simple to understand as Einstein's famous equation of E = mc2. With Einstein's simple formula of how matter is converted into energy, we were able to construct the Atomic bomb. In the case of The Force Equation we learn how to convert Time into a greater power than mankind has ever known or will ever know and which shall make all atomic power pale in comparison. When we learn how to do this, we are able to achieve things that we would never be able to without the use of The Force. Most of us, luckily experience moments of clarity and even accomplish great things at random times in our lives, however, we're oblivious to the true nature of The Force that can be used to do this more and more often, no longer relying on dumb luck. For today, there is a mathematical equation that makes it possible to use The Force at will.

In this ground-breaking new book you will learn how E = mc2 has now morphed into

F = tc3 . . . where 'F' is The Force. 'T' is Time and 'c3' is the speed of light cubed.

More importantly reader will learn how to apply this formula in your every day life. This information will instruct you on how to completely live in the moment because in each and every moment of time, even as little as a microsecond, as the Force Equation shows, there lies hidden enough power to completely destroy the reality you and I are both living in at this time and render it completely into something beautiful, wonderful and awe-inspiring even beyond your wildest imaginings.

If you were as thrilled as the author was to see the hero in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker defeat the Empire armed only with the knowledge of The Force - this book is for you. This book may not make a Jedi Knight out of you, but it will make you - if you choose this path - one with The Force. Unleash the power of the new Laws of Physics.

And if you believe as Luke did in the original Star Wars movie that the Empire is far away and there's nothing you can do about it anyway - you may be surprised to find that the Empire is right here on planet Earth and it's much more evil than the one with that evil rat-faced emperor that they devised for the movies. The Empire on Earth is out to destroy all life on this planet and so far they are slowly getting their way. If we don't all start to use The Force - as it has now been discovered and laid out for all to know and use in this amazing new book, the Empire will win and all will be lost.

If you're like the author, preparing to embark on the greatest adventure of his life in defeating the Empire, you'll want to not only buy this book, but share it with everyone you know. We need all the people of the world to join the Rebel Alliance.

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The Force Equation (Michael Mathiesen) pdf, epub, doc

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