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I can sum up my disgust in four words; Rape.Is.Not.Love.

Reasons why this isn't something you should be finding romantic:
1. It's not romantic when the leading man consistently tries to rape and own the maincharacter.
2. It's not okay for the main character's brother - they grew up together as siblings their entire lives, they're still family - tries to rape her, and own her.
3. It's not okay when the gardener suddenly tries to rape her.
4. It's not okay that she's completely fine with all these men in her life trying to rape and own her.

It's not romantic. It's not a story about True Love, and what's most alarming is the fact that the author doesn't seem to realise that these are very serious issues and do not equal to a healthy relationship. If the story was trying to be dark, then I can forgive all of this (Hell, if the story was dark I would love all of this! Dark, twisted stories are right up my alley). But it's not trying to be dark. It's trying to portray rape, possessiveness, entitlement issues, and incest as a romantic, idealistic relationship.

The leading lady doesn't have a healthy relationship with any of the men in the story; not the "True Love", not the brother, not even the gardener.

After reading all the volumes, (yes, I read all of them. I wouldn't really have any grounds to be so repulsed, and rant as I am doing now if I didn't) I have to just point out that I don't think the author has siblings. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she has six or seven siblings? But if someone can so freely insert incest into a story and try and portray it as romantic, then I honestly don't think they could actually have any siblings, or at least could not possibly be close to them. I also don't think the author knows what it is like to have a healthy relationship with a man.

If the story was just plain bad, then that would be okay. I love bad stories! They're deliciously fun to read, they're entertaining and I love the author for giving me so much joy out of just one story. But this isn't bad, this is disgusting.

Who would I suggest this series to? Well, if the book was actually meant to be dark I would recommend it within a heartbeat. But since we're supposed to find the love interest/s charming, and I quote "Enchanting" - because there's nothing more enchanting than sexual abuse - I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.The people who really loved and enjoyed this would be the last people on earth I would recommended it to. Why? Because reading this series would only serve to affirm their misconceptions on what a healthy relationship is.

Rape. Is. Not. Romantic.

Book (PDF, EPUB) Desire Climax, Vol. 7 (Ayane Ukyou) online second edition

Desire Climax, Vol. 7 (Ayane Ukyou) pdf, epub, doc

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