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AN RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR 1904, 1905 BY COLONEL CHARLES ROSS D. S. O., P. S. C. AUTHOR OF REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT AND WAR 1 THE PROBLEM OF NATIONAL DEFENCE VOLUME I UP TO, AND INCLUDING, THE BATTLE OF LIAO-YANG MACMILLAN AND CO., LIMITED ST. MARTINS STREET, LONDON 1912 TO MY FRIEND COLONEL SIE LONSDALE HALE The author desires to express his thanks to Colonel Sir Lonsdale Hale and Colonel H. Wylly, 03. for the great assistance they have afforded him PREFACE THE author, in his study of war, has been impressed by the numberless, apparently trifling, facts which appear in memoirs and reminiscences, but which seldom appear in histories, and which, nevertheless, often show up events in a perfectly new light Some little point, some belief held at the time by one of the combatants, will often account for what is otherwise unaccountable and will show that what appears on the surface to have been a foolish action was, in reality, the wisest which could have been adopted in the circumstances. Napoleon has commonly been criticised for his waste of time on the morning of Waterloo-If, however, the fact be remembered that he believed that the Prussian army was in full retreat on Prussia, and that he had Wellingtons army alone to deal with, a different complexion is placed on the matter. Supposing he had been corroct in his belief, what effect would the parade of his tremendous power have had on the nerves of Wellingtons heterogeneous army Is it not probable that a part, the greater part, of that army would have fled at the first onset By what means did Joshua cause the collapse of the walls of Jericho vii Vlll rrelace It is often the case that histories foil to take into account the state of mind, thenervous tension, the hopes and fears of the hostile commanders, treating them as if theyjjwere not flesh and blood, but mere automatons, mechanical contrivances that required neither food nor drink nor sleep, that possessed neither brains, stomachs, nor nerves. The friction which invariably exists even in the most highly trained and patriotic forces, and which is so often responsible for indecision and irresolution, and so, for defeat, is often lightly dismissed in a single sentence. Bo also, very often, is the question of morale, together with the causes of the loss of it The reason is that, in every war, there is such a vast mass of material that even the most complete history cannot hope to deal fully with it. One aspect or another must be entirely eliminated in order that the remainder may be fully treated and it is, accordingly, the personal equation which is generally lost sight of. The admirable French official history of the Franco-German War of 1870-1, however, gives an insight to the tremendous influence exercised on the fate of armies by the mental condition of, and the play of wits between, the opposing commanders. It teaches one, for instance, a little point that was overlooked, or, indeed, unknown except to tbo Germans that the fate of the French nrmi in 1870 was largely due to a false belief which existed in the minds of certain of the French leaders They apparently believed and all their information jointed to it that a German army was marching from Luxem Preface IX bourg by Thionville on Metz. Hence the extreme nervousness displayed by the French Emperor. Hence, probably, his failure to reinforce General Frossard, and attack the German advanced guards, at Spicheren.Hence, also, Bazaines failure to utilise the northern roads for his retreat through Metz and hence, perhaps, his defeat at Gravelotte and investment in the fortress. On the eve of Gravelotte each French corps threw out outposts to the north-east, expecting to be attacked from that direction Or, let us give another example from this same war...

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An Outline Of The Russo Japanese War 1904 1905 Volume I (Charles Ross) pdf, epub, doc

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