More Sex Lessons - M/f/f Erotica (Kate Van) pdf, epub, doc

Molly learns what oral sex is,And she can't get enough..
She stood up and fled from the room, I thought that I had gone to far and quickly followed her. She raced up the stairs, I was right behind, I had to see this, I had to see her cum.

I got to the door of the room that I had loaned to Molly, she was on the bed, somehow she had gotten one leg out of her shorts, her legs were splayed and she had the first two fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy. Her eyes were clenched shut, her hips shooting up and down on the bed, her body arching so that her hips cycled from the covers to the highest point of her body.


She slammed her hips down. The bed rocked and squeaked like someone was fucking as she threw her hips around. I turned it up to high. Molly seemed to leave reality. What was she feeling?

The egg came back on and the sensations returned. I threw myself onto the bed and jammed two fingers deep inside to try and see if I could move the egg around as it shook and pulsed. My fingers found the large end, they were deeper in me than ever before, I had never gotten myself off like this, never even dreamed till today that sensations like this were possible. It was all a shock, all new. My fingers caressed the egg along the bottom my cunt. The tip pressed up against the silky wall of my pussy directly beneath my pubic hair. With my left hand I could feel the vibrations from the outside, through the walls of my pussy. The tip must have hit what the book called my G-spot. Somehow at the same time the egg exploded with a new level of vibrations, my body exploded with waves of orgasms. Not one, but uncountable numbers, each better than the one before. I lost all control over my body, all sense of time. How long I lay there I don't know.

I screamed. The orgasms blew through me starting deep within my cunt somewhere near the top of my pussy and flashed upward through my stomach toward my breasts, down and out through my ass, and thighs and calves and toes. Every muscle in my body tensed and relaxed and tensed again. Over and over as wave after wave crashed through me.

I had no control. It was on, I needed a break, but was too involved in these sensations to even try to speak coherently. With the two fingers in my pussy, I managed to get the small wire attached to the egg to aid in pulling it out. As I drew it out, the sensations spread to a new part of me. The bottom of the egg hit my inner lips. The vibrations now were more localized, focused on the exit to my cunt, a whole different feeling, not like the vibrator or dildo, totally contained, like ripples bouncing off the walls of a glass. The vibrations sent me off again. My pussy was so sensitive. It seemed like I could feel each and every cell along the wall, vibrating, throbbing, exploding with wonderful spikes of light and sound and color. Another orgasm ripped through me, I had lost count, many back to back had flooded my system, god was there any way to end this. Did I want to?

I pulled the wire further out, thinking that it would be over quick, but this time, the third distinctly different set of feelings started. The wide base pushed open my outer lips, the tip on my inner lips and the side came up under the pressure of my fingers and hit my clit.

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More Sex Lessons - M/f/f Erotica (Kate Van) pdf, epub, doc

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