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This is where my obsession with Red Hood and the Outlaws originally started.
And as some of you know, I catch lots of shit for loving that title...second only to the piles of crap I'm subjected to for boldly standing behind Aquaman.
Shut. Up.
I read volume 1 several years ago, but this is the first time I've had a chance to read the arc in it's entirety. Honestly, I was afraid it wouldn't hold up under a second reading, but this story is one that definitely stands the test of time.
In fact, I'm going to have to say this was even better the second time around! Besides, I had forgotten quite a bit of the first half of the story, so a re-read certainly didn't hurt.
And one of the main things I forgot was how fucking funny Black Mask was in this thing! Every time that guy opened his mouth somethinghilarious came out of it! I had some fairly serious *giggle, giggle, snort* moments over the interactions between him and Deathstroke, that totally balanced out the more earnest/angsty parts of the story.
Another thing I noticed was that this is the only book that has ever made me feel disappointed when Batman was winning.
I feel a little blasphemous even typing that...
It's not that I wanted anything bad to happen to Bruce, I just didn't want Jason to lose.
Make sense?
Unless you've read this, probably not.
Jason does everything you've secretly wanted Batman to do. Like, instead of turning the bad guys over to the cops, he just shoots them in the head. Brilliant!
Ok, nobody really wants Batman to cross that line, but if someone else were willing to do it?
Well, that would be sorta nice...

I thought Ed Brubaker did an excellent job bringing Bucky Barnes back from the dead, but I'm tempted to say that Winnick outdid him with this one. I mean, at least everyone already had fond feeling for Barnes, right? Brubaker just had to find a plausible way to get him into present-day comics.
And I'm not saying that was easy.
However, Winick had to totally reinvent a character that readers hated so much they voted to kill him off. How annoying do you have to be for fans to that?!
Why, yes! I would rather the Joker whack him to death with a crowbar, than have to continue reading about him. Kill, please!
I don't care what you think of the reincarnation of this character, you have to admit it would be a monumental task for any writer.
And he pulled it off!
I noticed that I'm not the only reviewer to feel this way, either.
OMG! There really is a first time for everything!
And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you all eventually love Aquaman too! Especially once you see the I HEART ATLANTIS t-shirts I've had printed up for all of us...

I would honestly recommend this to anyone who loves comic books. You don't even have to be a fan of Jason Todd to like it, because the dialogue and story are enough to keep anyone entertained.

(PDF, EPUB) Batman (Judd Winick) PDF

Batman (Judd Winick) pdf, epub, doc

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