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Floey is a thirteen year old girl. She considers herself to be the wallpaper. Every time her sister comes in every body forgets about her and turns her attention to her beautiful, popular, fun sister Lillian. Floey has two best friends Azra and Wen. Curly haired Azra and Floey have a crush on Wen who is super cute even though he is their best friend. They have promised each other to never kiss Wen or be his boyfriend so they don't hurt each other.

On her thirteen birthday her aunt who has never talked to Floey sends her a gift. A really small hot pink sport bra. Floey knows it won't fit her for she is a size 36b and already wears bras. So after her birthday she and Azra talk about being like her sister, cool and fun. So they decide to take a picture of her in the pink sport bra and send it to her aunt with a thank you note. The next week Lillian announces that she is getting married to her boyfriend.

Embarrassed about the photo and knowing that her aunt will be there she makes plans to avoid her. The day of the wedding she meets her 10 year old cousin Tish and 11 year old cousin Richard who will stay with her 4 weeks. After it starts raining and they have to go inside the house she meets Calvin. A gorgeous 15 year old boy who offers her champagne thinking she is older. But when she says no and that her mom won't allows her and points her out he notices that she is only the little sister of Lillian. They start talking and Floey finds out that he is interested in Zen and poetry. Soon its time to dance and she asks Calvin to dance with her. At first he says no but then says yes. When an embarrassing moment happens resulting with her falling on top of Calvin and touching his butt with her hands and getting locked out in the rain by her cousinRichard,Floey decides to change herself and become the not invisible Floey.

As the crazy summer starts from following Calvin to a poetry meeting and meeting his girlfriend from her cousins annoying her and trying to embarrass her, she decides to become more crazy. By almost kissing Wen and breaking her promise, to dying her hair purple, to sneaking out of the house, being asked to a party by the hottest boy in a local band in tenth grade and worst of all: Her cousins making a website about her life based on her diary and publishing embarrassing pictures and becoming a local celebrityto Azra breaking her promise about Wen and not being friends with them in the same way and the best thing yet: Getting back at her cousins and Calvin kissing her and asking to see if they can see each other. Floey's life is crazy and maybe as she does these things she realizes that maybe she does want to be the wallpaper after all.

It's a very good book and very awesome. You sure will enjoy it.

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I Am the Wallpaper (Mark Peter Hughes) pdf, epub, doc

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