Burning Empires
An epic science fiction roleplaying game based on Christopher Moellers critically acclaimed Iron Empires graphic novels, designed by award-winning game designer and author of the Burning Wheel, Luke Crane.BURNING EMPIRES uses the Burning...


Dust or Magic
Will your idea turn into Dust or Magic? It's in your hands! Many creative careers and financial fortunes rest on potentially breakthrough digital media projects - which can end in tears, or turn to magic. This innovative book examines, in depth, how...


Reti's Best Games of Chess
Richard Réti (1889-1929) was both a master player and a superb endgame composer. He was also a prominent member of the hyper-modern school and author of two of the greatest chess books ever written, Masters of the Chessboard and Modern Ideas in...


Dragons of the East
With Words of ThunderShinto priests. Shaolin monks. Ninja clans. Confucian sages. Hindu fakirs. Asia is a great dragon, slumbering as it awaits the turning of the age. Long have the people of Asia known magical secrets. Through the mists of...


Mythic Vistas
The world of the Bible comes to life in this campaign setting for the d20 System. Play a wandering Babylonian magus, a sorcerer in the service of Pharaoh, a Canaanite maker of idols, or a prophet of the God of Israel. Walk the streets of ancient...


Fading Suns Gamemasters Screen and Weapons Compendium


The Village of Hommlet (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module T1)
The hamlet of Hommlet, wherein this adventure takes place, is the sort of picturesque, idyllic community I wouldn't mind living in! The companion map shows a lovely winding stream, a watermill, a church, numerous farmhouses, groves and pasture, an...


Sex in Video Games
Since the first computer games became available, sex has played a role in some form. But with the release of games like Playboy: The Mansion, Leisure Suit Larry, and The Singles, sexual content has gained a firm foothold and for the first time,...


Rolemaster Companion VI (Rolemaster 2nd Edition, #1901)
Rolemaster Companion VI continues the tradition of earlier RMCs by expanding the classic Rolemaster system with a variety of optional rules, spell lists, and guidelines. Containing something for every RM Gamemaster and player, RMC VI provides...


Creatures of Middle-Earth (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP #8005)
Such a wealth of detail on the creatures that populated Tolkien's world. It takes quite an imagination to come up with all this, so hats off to the creators. I wonder what Tolkien himself would have thought.


Improve Your Opening Play
Grandmaster Chris Ward explains the important ideas behind every major opening, unraveling among others the secrets of the Sicilian, the mysteries of the Modern and the fundamentals of the French. He emphasizes the need to understand the key...


Ghost Towns
Werewolf: The Apocalypse is about anger over the loss of what the shapeshifting Garou hold dearest: Gaia, the Earth itself. Corruption from without and within has caused the destruction not only of the Garou's environment, but also of their...


The Shadowfell
Terror and suspense await you in the Shadowfell.This boxed set is for Dungeon Masters interested in taking their heroes on excursions to the Shadowfell, as well as Dungeon Masters looking for a sinister setting in which to run thrilling...


The Way of the Unicorn
The second of the Way of the Clans series. For eight hundred years, the Ki-Rin Clan wandered the wastelands outside of Rokugan. When they returned, they were the Clan of the Unicorn, armed with barbarian magics and tactics. Discover the...


Delta Green
No future - Get used to the taste of ashes.The Countdown to the apocalypse has begun. As our darkened globe spins through the eternal night, the lasting legacy of the human race is nothing but a scream - drowned out by the road of the...


Borderlands & Beyond
This is an updated and reformatted 300+ page reprint of ALL of the information from the original Chaosium Borderlands boxed set, Plunder, and Runemasters.


GURPS Vampire
-- Based on the top-selling "World of Darkness" games from White Wolf.-- Vampire roleplaying is perhaps the most popular new genre


Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Role-Playing Game Set 5
Ernest Gary Gygax was an American writer and game designer, best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson in 1974, and co-founding the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with...


Garry Kasparov on Fischer
This book brings together the two greatest names in the history of chess. The author, Garry Kasparov, is the world number one, and by common consent, the greatest player ever. The subject of the book, Bobby Fischer, is the only American to have...


Dragon Age II
• A dedicated Side Quests chapter presents all side missions, random encounters and all additional optional activities with a checklist to reach 100% completion • The Walkthrough features annotated area maps with step-by-step action on the...


Fifteen years have passed since the necromancer Heinrich Kemmler was trapped and defeated. But his evil is about to begin anew.High in the Grey Mountains, chance - or fate - brings the meeting of a madman and a Chaos Daemon. And thanks to...


Rifts World Book 11
Kevin Siembieda (born April 2, 1956) is an American artist, writer, designer, and publisher of role-playing games, as well as being the founder and president of Palladium Books.Palladium Books, founded in southeast Michigan, claims to be the...


Man & Machine
In the world of Shadowrun, technology has changed people. The artificial enhancements of cyberware make many people more than human. From implants that allow them to directly interface their mind with machines to heightened reflexes and enhanced...


Pathfinder Adventure Path #40
A strange swashbuckler rescued in the City of Seven Spears reveals the secret beneath Saventh-Yhi - a forgotten serpentfolk city called Ilmurea, inspiration for the superstitious native fears of a terrible evil lurking just underfoot. The heroes...


Realms of Sorcery
The magic system presented in the original WFRP rules was a little light, this book brings essential rules and details to flesh out the game.


Rebel Planet (Fighting Fantasy, #18)
When I went to locate this book on Goodreads I noticed that this was not the only book that Waterfield wrote. In fact, ignoring some of the other gamebooks that he has written, most of his writing involved examining classical philosophy and...


The Riddling Reaver
I was surprised to see the average low rating of this gem, but I suppose it all depends on where you're coming from with your review.For me, the riddling reaver was the first chance of introducing my friends to the universe that I had come...


The Machine is Perfection. Free will is a danger. Hope is an illusion. Flesh is weak. Only through the Machine can humanity rise above its inevitable destruction. Iteration X understands this. Anyone who does not must be convinced. We are...


Green Blood
Mark Smith lives in a small town in the Midwest and has enjoyed the creative outlet of writing since a young age. Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook was originally written as a silly romp through a land of adventure for the author's...


In Fenris' NameThe Get of Fenris are much maligned by the other tribes. They're called bloodthirsty, intolerant, stubborn, savage even for werewolves. The Get know the other Garou dislike them, but they don't care. The Get of Fenris aren't here to...


Hero System Bestiary
No matter what time period, genre, or setting your campaign focuses on, there are sure to be animals in it. The HERO System Bestiary provides all the information you need to use creatures in your campaign, including full character sheets for dozens...


The Tower Struck by Lightning
Acclaimed Spanish avant-garde playwright Arrabal has delivered himself of a bracingly intelligent, caustically funny first novel. Rebellious, artistic, ex-Jesuit seminarian Elias Tarsis, an Andorran Spaniard, is locked in struggle with Marc Amary, a...


Hedge Magic (Ars Magica)
Hedge Magic features four non-Hermetic magical traditions of Mythic Europe. The Cunning-folk live close to the land, crafting charms, banes, and potions. Natural Magicians study the classical works of antiquity, unearthing new secrets of formulae...


Privateer Press Hordes Evolution (PIP 1011)


It is the second Age of Man, the age before the world turned. The Empire of the Dragon-Blooded -- an invincible colossus -- stands astride the ruins of the First Age. For millennia, the scarlet Empress held the world in her steel grip. But the...


The Future Is Yours!Now updated for GURPS Fourth Edition, this is the ultimate toolkit for any campaign between the stars.Explore options for space travel and technology, from the realistic to the miraculous. Design alien races...


The Diamond Throne
The August release of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed the first Malhavoc Handbook, challenges players everywhere with new options and choices. This book supports those options with new rules and provides GMs with supplemental material of their own....


Map Folio One
Locate your next adventure Explore mysterious towers, foreboding temples, hidden coves, treacherous dungeons, and other intriguing locations with the aid of the 32 full-color maps tucked inside this protective pocket folder. Whether you use...


Tales Of Mythic Europe
Mythic Europe is a place of heroism and cowardice, honor and betrayal, wonder and horror. Introduce this full range of possibility into your saga's stories with Tales of Mythic Europe, a collection of short adventures for Ars Magica...


The Spooks: Pathos-runners, Fetter-breakers and bagmen of the Underworld. The Oracles: They saw Charon's downfall--do they hide the secret of his return? The influence of these Guilds stretches from the mean streets of the Necropoli to the chambers...


Living Gods (Stargate Sg 1)
It's a good read if you want a more in-depth look at the Goa'uld System Lords. Lots of rules info and additional classes, feats etc to use, especially if you want to play a particular gods' Jaffa (though I didn't look at this in depth as we aren't...


The Book of Nod
Legends of the UndeadThe first vampires remember their first nights, but do not speak of them. Others have heard tales, but know better than to believe them. The wise speak of The Book of Nod, but none have seen this fabled book of ancient...


The Book of Shadows
By My Will, So It Is Done!"We are the shapers of reality, the masters of the Path. We move the Wheel of Creation on its forward course and counter those who would freeze the wheel in its tracks."Now if we could only cooperate, we'd be in...


Gurps Space
Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. See this thread for more...


The 25th Century Science Fiction Role Playing Game
Michael Alyn Pondsmith is a roleplaying, board, and video game designer. He is best known for his work for the publisher R. Talsorian Games, where he developed a majority of the company's role-playing game lines since the company's foundation in...


The West
Secrets of the Great Western Ocean Revealed This second directional supplement presents Exalted's major seafaring nations—Wavecrest, Coral, Skullstone and the Neck—and reintroduces the gender-role-redefining Tya and everybody's...


Dungeons and Dragons
Ernest Gary Gygax was an American writer and game designer, best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson in 1974, and co-founding the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with...


Legend of the Five Rings RPG (4th Edition)
The Emerald Empire of Rokugan demands much of its samurai: service to one’s lord, service to one’s Clan, and service to one’s Emperor. Bushido’s staunch and unyielding code of conduct binds samurai to duty, strengthening their character and defining...


Litany of the Tribes Volume 3
Garou has warred with Garou since the dawn of time. Breed has slaughtered breed, tribe has slaughtered tribe, all in the name of power or the right to be Gaia's chosen one. The Garou have a common enemy, though -- the Wyrm -- and dissension has made...


Mastering the Chess Openings volume 4
Helps chess-players achieve a more holistic view of the openings


Wind From East (Vampire
Dark Ages: Vampire takes you to the nights before the Camarilla, when kine truly had reason to be afraid of the dark. The vampires of this bygone age ride the dark as lords, play their games with the crowned heads of Europe, and travel to the...


Northern Hinterlands
Kevin Siembieda (born April 2, 1956) is an American artist, writer, designer, and publisher of role-playing games, as well as being the founder and president of Palladium Books.Palladium Books, founded in southeast Michigan, claims to be the...


Shadowrun Companion
This expansion builds on and clarifies rules for gamemasters and players, providing a variety of fresh possibilities for making the Shadowrun universe come alive. Fluctuating magic levels, the technology curve and new optional rules, including...


Dungeons & Dragons
Ernest Gary Gygax was an American writer and game designer, best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson in 1974, and co-founding the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with...


Defend the Imperium against its greatest foes The Emperor Protects contains three separate adventures for the Deathwatch roleplaying game set among the war-torn front lines of an Imperial crusade. Can your imposing Space Marines convince the warrior...


The Complete Book of Chess Strategy
I recommend this for beginners after they have a couple of hundred games under their belt. I don't see club players and above learning a great deal from this book but a complete beginner would be lost.The section that deals with the openings...


Do not believe what the scientists tell you. The natural history we know is a lie, a falsehood sold to us by wicked old men who would make the world a dull gray prison and protect us from the dangers inherent to freedom. They would have you believe...


Tome of Salvation
This may be my favorite WFRP sourcebook I've read yet because it does so much to illuminate daily life in the Empire, even more than Sigmar's Heirs does. Religion has been a massive part...


Dark Ages Vampire
Dark Ages: Vampire takes you to the nights before the Camarilla, when kine truly had reason to be afraid of the dark. The vampires of this bygone age ride the dark as lords, play their games with the crowned heads of Europe, and travel to the...


Thieves' World Player's Manual
I have a soft spot for Thieves' World, as it was more or less my introduction to gritty low-fantasy. This book does a good job of adapting the 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons rules to Thieves' World. Unfortunately it runs up against the same...


Comme Il Faut
Michael Alyn Pondsmith is a roleplaying, board, and video game designer. He is best known for his work for the publisher R. Talsorian Games, where he developed a majority of the company's role-playing game lines since the company's foundation in...


The Longing Ring
J'role - młody, niemy chlopak z zapadłej wioski - wyrusza w świat, by odnaleźć magię i odzyskać głos. Jego wędrówka po zniszczonej podczas Pogromu krainie po pewnym czasie zmienia się w...


The Invisible College
"Theus created the world and left it to us to discover. Do you think the proclamations of a few torch-wielding fanatics can change that?"- Goskelen LemanThe Inquisition has launched a war against learning. All across Théah, it hunts...


The Twilight Tomb
A new adventure set in the Forgotten Realms!The Twilight Tomb is a Forgotten Realms® adventure designed for four 3rd-level characters. It is written to advance characters one to two levels over the course of the adventure. A key...


Play Winning Chess
like witnessing polar bears in their natural environment, reading about how chess players think is amazing. even if it doesn't make you a chess stud, it's still neat to finally have a clue about some simple theory behind the game.and besides...


The Standing Stone
Evil lurks in the forestWhat terror stalks the villagers of Ossington? Who is the ghostly horseman haunting the road, stopping anyone from leaving? Why are the wild elves slaying villagers from afar with their...


Strange Aeons II
[CALL OF CTHULHU ROLEPLAYING] ""The Great Old Ones were, the Great Old Ones are, the Great Old Ones shall be."" That famous saying is the essence of the Cthulhu Mythos. The Great Old Ones are a cosmic evil that has existed since before time and...


Mutants & Masterminds Crooks!
More than 50 of the world's most dastardly supervillains, monsters, power-mad sorcerers, and would-be conquerors come alive in this lavishly illustrated catalog of criminals conceived, written, and art-directed by Super Unicorn design studio Battle...


Welcome to Rokugan, a land of breathtaking beauty, where eight clans of powerful samurai warriors struggle against one another in a constant war for supremacy. Rokugan is a land where powerful shugenja and enlightened monks command the forces of the...


Blood and BetrayalEmbraced by a fallen clan during nights long past, the Giovanni have always had ambition. Now they bring that ambition to bear on a world they would claim for themselves. With vast wealth, the ability to command the spirits...


Down Among the Dead Men
A an entertaining tale of swashbuckling and treasure huntin'. There are a couple endings that were disappointing because you were screwed if you didn't have a particular item, but there are some other endings that surprised me in a good way. A...


David Perry on Game Design
This was an interesting book: at times, it had some really great ideas - but at other times, I wondered if the authors had bothered with having an editor read it. The format of this book is a short amount of text with a lot...


Players Guide to Glorantha
In it glorious Second Age, Glorantha is the prize of warring empires. Two empires, more similar that they'd like to admit, vie for ultimate dominance. The God Learner Empire seeks to crack open and the very secrets of the gods, manipulating them to...


Pandolfini's Chess Complete
Provides basic instructions for beginners, clarifies complexities for intermediate chess players, and provides an insider's view into chess history, personalities, and culture.


Complete Chess Strategy
Luděk Pachman (German: Ludek Pachmann) was a Czechoslovak-German chess grandmaster, chess writer, and political activist. In 1972, after being imprisoned and tortured almost to death by the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia, he was allowed to...


Pathfinder Adventure Path #52
The heroes finally reach the distant land of Tian Xia, only to once again attract the attention of the oni of the Five Storms. But not everyone wants them dead - the heroes must meet a mysterious woman named Miyaro who promises to lead them to...


The Art of Thief
With the exceptional heritage, critical acclaim and tremendous sales of the Thief franchise, fans of the series will be delighted to add this book to their collection in anticipation of the new Thief game.The Art of Thief demonstrates the stunning...


The Ivory Triangle
Nowhere are the stark contrasts that define life on Athas more dramatic than within the Ivory Triangle! In the forests of Gulg live elite hunters called the Judaga Warriors, who claim the heads of their prey as trophies. Behind the walls of Nibenay...


Trinity Field Report
Five years ago, Earth's extrasolar colonies were stranded in the depths of the void. The disappearance of the teleporting Upeo wa Macho left our children orphaned in deep space. Now, after years of experimentation, work and alien collaboration, the...


The Time of Thin Blood
When the blood of Caine will be weakThe Curse of Caine has existed for so long, it has finally begun to weaken. Elders' blood, passed from one childe to the next for generations, no longer holds the potency it once had. Too many childer have...


Ogl Steampunk
Vast skytrains powered by archaic steam machinery, dragon-killing battle armor complete with pistons, and gear systems and great magical rituals operating as much because of ancient engines as the power of the mind. Steampunk is one of the most...


Epic Level Handbook
Legends Begin HereSongs are sung and tales are told of heroes who have advanced beyond most adventuring careers. They confront mightier enemies and face deadlier challenges, using powers and abilities that rival even...


Alien Anthology
Like the Dungeon & Dragons(r) Monster Manual, this product contains detailed statistical information that will give Gamemasters new options for nonplayer characters to include in their campaigns. The species descriptions also afford players...


Old World Armoury
Inside the Old World Armoury you will find a definitive guide to coinage, a detailed look at armour with new armour types, heraldry guidelines and variations by nation, an enormous selection of equipment, new poisons, draughts, and oddities, rules...


Wonders of the Lost Age
Monuments to First Age Ingenuity At the height of the First Age, miraculous achievements were possible that are impossible in the fallen Age of Sorrows. But now, the past readies to give up its secrets to the returned Solar Exalted that...


Golombek's Encyclopedia of Chess
Book by Golombek, Harry


A mysterious cult worships something called “the Vortex” in a temple like nothing anyone in the Ninth World has ever seen. PCs explore the strange complex to find a missing boy, and become embroiled in multiple scenarios, one of which might just...


First Chess Openings
A beginner's guide for children and newcomers to chess.TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP IN CHESS! First Chess Openings teaches you solid, near-foolproof openings that will help you win. You'll learn the most important...


Avalon (Cthulhu Britannica, #2)
The county of Somerset lies in the English West Country, a green and pleasant land steeped in millennia of history, folklore, and superstition, often overlooked as a rural backwater good for nothing but strong cider and tall tales. Yet something...


World of Darkness
This SAS compilation for the World of Darkness takes the players from the lonely roads between cities into the heart of Chicago, from a bizarre scheme gone wrong to the implications of mysterious archeology. Both adventures showcase different...


WARRIORS FOR MOTHER EARTH2027. The world’s skies are black with acidic smog, the lakes choked with toxic runoff, and the forests mulched under the treads of corporate bulldozers. Now, it’s time to carry the fight back to the ravagers of our...


Pathfinder Companion
The race is on to discover the lost treasures of ancient Osirion, seat of the Pharaohs of antiquity Scoundrels, archaeologists, Pathfinders, and foreigners scour the sand-choked pyramids and temples of this once mighty kingdom Pathfinder Companion:...


The Devil’s Spine wraps three distinct adventures in a thrilling, hard-driving frame story—run them (in any order) as a mini-campaign, or ignore the frame story and use them as standalone adventures. They give gaming groups a taste of the fantastic...


The Amazing Spider Man (Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebook, No 1)
You are Spider-Man, and you must find and stop a mysterious villain who has taken control of all energy in the city of New York.


Monstrous Compendium
This detailed edition of ghastly monsters is inspiring to say the least. A great fantasy writers tool!


Players' Guide
The Star Trek: The Next Generation Player's Guide expands your options for playing Starfleet characters and running Star Trek episodes. Players will find expanded character creation rules, information on Starfleet enlisted personnel, new skills and...


Welcome to Mars Not Mars as it is - airless, most likely lifeless, with only the faintest hints of what might have once been a damp, if not necessarily lush and living, world billions of years in the past. No, this is Mars as it should be and as it...


Faction War
The game designerMonte Cook started working professionally in the game industry in 1988. In the employ of Iron Crown Enterprises, he worked with the Rolemaster and Champions games as an editor, developer, and...


-- A detailed, readable guide to all kinds of "outer space" game settings.-- Cover by award-winning SF artist Vincent diFate.-- Winner of both the Origins Award and Gamer's Choice Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement