Climbing Anchors, 2nd
The comprehensive guide to anchoring systems for rock climbers.


The Best in Tent Camping
If you subscribe to the opinion that televisions, Japanese lanterns, and electric guitars are not essential camping equipment, The Best in Tent Camping should be your constant companion. The Best in Tent Camping: The Southern Appalachian & Smoky...


Ultralight Backpackin' Tips
After a couple years backpacking with traditional (read: heavy) gear I really need to get into ultralight, especially when I go on solo trips and the gear weight can't be divided with the BF. As the author points out several times, ultralight is not...


The Advanced Backpacker
With thousands of all-weather miles to his credit, from North America, Europe, and Asia, Chris Townsend is the ultimate guide for backpackers of all levels. The Advanced Backpacker is an invaluable fusion of expert information and unlimited...


Song of the Paddle
The return of a classic paddling guide.More than a how-to camping and paddling guide, Song of the Paddle is a philosophical guide to outdoor living. Written by the acclaimed paddler and outdoorsman,...


This marvelous collection features stories from some of America’s finest and most respected writers about every outdoorsman’s favorite and most loyal hunting partner: his dog. For the first time, the stories of acclaimed writers such as Richard...


Hungry Plants
I am slowly discovering the wonderful world of non-fiction in children's literature. Who knew that there are so many informative and educational kid's books out there? One of the most interesting books I've found recently is Hungry Plants....


The SAS Guide to Tracking, New and Revised
Former-SAS member Bob Carss shows how to track any moving thing, in any environment, and under nearly any circumstance.  Included are tips on: The SAS Guide to Tracking is a remarkable guide to developing a new awareness of the...


Woodcraft and Indian Lore
"I should like to lead this whole nation into the way of living outdoors," wrote Ernest Seton over seventy-five years ago. If the nation was in need of a dose of nature then, we can certainly benefit even more from Seton's sage advice...


Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing
From the irrepressible author of Trout Bum and The View from Rat Lake comes an engaging, humorous, often profound examination of life's greatest mysteries: sex, death, and fly-fishing. John Gierach's quest takes us from his...


Fool's Paradise
If John Gierach is living in a fool's paradise, then it's a paradise that his regular readers will recognize and new fans will delight in discovering. Laced with the inimitable blend of wit and wisdom that have made him fly-fishing's foremost...


Mount Rainier
From the Lead Climbing Ranger for Mount Rainier National Park--all the information you need to get to the summit and back, safely. *41 principal routes and their variations, with aerial photos and route overlays *Extensive material on Rainier's...


Plant Plumbing
Learn how plants store food during the winter and carry water up to the leaves through roots and stems.


Headin’ to the Cabin
Whether you own a cottage that you visit on weekends or rent one for a week-long vacation, “headin’ to the cabin” is more than a time-honored tradition among Midwesterners. Simply put, it’s part of who we are. And what better way to experience all...


100 Years Of Fishing
A collection writing about fishing spanning over a hundred years.


Hiking North Carolina, 2nd
From the Great Smokies and the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Piedmont and the Outer Banks, this thoroughly updated and revised guide features more than 200 hiking trails in all regions of the state.