After graduating from Edinburgh University he pursued a career in journalism. In 1899 he married Helen Bruce. He was an editor at The Scotsman 1899-1906, editor of The Edinburgh Magazine for a year, 1904–05, then an editor at The British Weekly,...


Clay Man
It is 1595, and the rabbi’s son Jacob is frustrated with having to live in the walled ghetto known as Jewish Town. Why can’t he venture outside of the gates and explore the beautiful city? His father warns him that Passover is a dangerous time to be...


Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest
David Hatcher Childress (born 1957) is an American author and publisher of books on topics in alternative history and historical revisionism. His works often cover such subjects as pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact, the Knights Templar, lost...


Folklore, Cultural Performances, and Popular Entertainments
This volume brings together articles from The International Encyclopedia of Communications in the areas of folklore, drama, verbal and non-verbal communication, music and history, with an introduction and extensive bibliographies.


Cuentos Populares Irlandeses/ Popular Irish Stories
La literatura oral irlandesa es una de las mas ricas y mejor conservadas de la Europa occidental. Despreciada durante siglos, e inadecuadamente recopilada por los primeros investigadores, a finales del siglo XIX fue redescubierta por poetas y...


"Excellent." --The Reader's Review"Anybody contemplating the study and pursuit of folklore... will benefit from reading this presentation thoroughly to determine your place in this most exciting scholastic world." --Come-All-YeThis...


Urban Legends
Combining Black Dog’s three very successful hardcover collections of “urban legends” (Alligators in the Sewer, The Baby on the Car Roof, and The Cat in the Dryer) into one stupendous volume, Urban Legends is the ultimate collection of those...


The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends
Jan Harold Brunvand—''Mr. Urban Legend" [Smithsonian]—tracks the most fabulous tales making today's cocktail-party circuit and shows why those stories that sound too good to be true probably are too good to be true.The eponymous...


Paul Bunyan
Stephen Krensky’s Paul Bunyan is a tall tale that takes you on a journey throughout Paul’s life. As Paul grows up he has nobody to play with until he meets Babe the Blue Ox. Paul becomes a lumberjack and works all over the United States creating...


Spooky South Carolina
Tales of hauntings, strange happenings and other local lore throughout the Palmetto state!


Readings in American Folklore
The distinguished folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand has selected 26 essays, arranged in four sections of increasing sophistication and difficulty, to introduce the beginning student to the best in modern folklore scholarship. As he writes in the...


Swedish Legends and Folktales
A decent introduction to Swedish Folklore for the beginner/English speaker, though for graduate students or higher working with Swedish Folklore I recommend Bengt af Klintberg for legend tradition (John's book is actually a translation of selections...


The Penguin Book of Scottish Folktales
The telling of folktales in Scotland comes from an oral tradition that blends rich imagination with verbal artistry. Kate Crackernuts and the two herdsmen of Lochbuie, the Black Laird and the Milk-white Doo, Oisean, Mac Iain Direach and the wonders...


Folktales of England
If wonder tales are not abundant in England, other kinds of folktales thrive: local traditions, historical legends, humorous anecdotes. Many of the favorite tales which English-speaking peoples carry with them from childhood come from a long...


Celtic Folklore
ContentsVolume ITitle PagePrefaceChapter I: Undine's Kymric SistersChapter II: The Fairies' RevengeChapter III: Fairy Ways and WordsChapter IV: Manx FolkloreChapter V: The Fenodyree and his FriendsVolume...


The Lion and the Mouse and Other Aesop Fables
Aesop's fables are as wise and true today as they were more than 2,600 years ago. Now, distinguished author Doris Orgel retells these timeless stories for the next generation.A brave little mouse extracts a thorn from a lion's paw, steady...


Legends, Charms and Superstitions of Ireland
Nowhere in the nineteenth century did interest in folklore and mythology have a more thorough revival than in Ireland. There, in 1887, Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde, Oscar Wilde's mother and a well-known author in her own right, compiled this...


The Dynamics of Folklore
One of the most comprehensive and widely praised introductions to folklore ever written. Toelken's discussion of the history and meaning of folklore is delivered in straightforward language, easily understood definitions, and a wealth of insightful...


Cerita Rakyat dari Jawa Barat
Cerita rakyat adalah cerita yang berasal dari masyarakat dan berkembang dalam masyarakat. Jenisnya bermacam-macam, ada yang berupa legenda dan ada yang berupa dongeng. Kedua jenis cerita rakyat ini tentu sudah kita kenal, bahkan beberapa pernah...


Tales of the Seal People
A collection of 14 selkie (half-seat halt-human creatures) tales from the Orkney and Shetland islands off the northern tip of Scotland.


British Goblins
British Goblins, written in 1880, does a good job at its stated purpose- collecting and loosely categorizing Welsh Folklore of every category, ranging from the reasons behind certain customs and superstitions of daily life, to descriptions and...


Folktales of Mexico
The tales colleted in this volume reflect the dynamic character of Mexican folklore, created and perpetuated by a vital people. Mr. Paredes has prepared a scholarly collection of the Mexican tales that still thrive in oral literature and i the...


The Singing Man
A young man, Banzar, from West Africa becomes of age of manhood. It is his turn to take the manhood ceremony. He tells the elders he wants to be a musician. They tell his father that his choice is unacceptable and tell him to choose another line...


Folk Housing Middle Virginia
In this fascinating analysis of eighteenth-century vernacular houses of Middle Virginia, Henry Glassie presents a revolutionary and carefully constructed methodology for looking at houses and interpreting from them the people who built and used...


African Folktales
Anthropologie in GeschichtenformWer an diesen Band in Erwartung von afrikanischen Grimmschen Märchen herangeht, wird überrascht: Ein Großteil der Geschichten passt nicht in dieses Schema von...


Abbey Lubbers, Banshees, & Boggarts
Katharine Briggs took her fairies seriously. She was a folklore scholar, with several Oxford degrees, and did not think fairy tales were strictly the province of children. The tales she liked were those handed down over generations by people who...


How & Why Stories
How did tigers get their stripes? Why is the sea salty? From Burma to Brazil, a collection of tales from around the globe highlights the answers to some of the most-asked questions and each tidbit of information includes a map and other short facts...


The Vanishing People
"The fairy people in the British Isles, not to say all over the world, vary so much in character, size, appearance and powers, that it is not surprising to find that they inhabit all kinds of places on land and water, under the earth and above it"....


The Singer of Tales
This 40th anniversary edition of Albert Lord's classic work includes a unique enhancement: a CD containing the original audio recordings of all the passages of heroic songs quoted in the book; a video publication of the kinescopic filming of the...


Tales from the African Plains
Collected from different cultural groups across Africa, here are 12 magnificent and unusual folktales. George Alexander brings each one to life with arresting beauty, using decorative borders, traditional patterns and colors, and layered textures to...


The Hidden Folk
Selkies, fairies, gnomes, hill folk, river sprites—do you believe in them? Perhaps among the flowers, beside a mountain, or near deep waters you’ve caught a glimpse, once or twice, of what you thought might be the silvery shadow of a dwarf, or a...