Arresting Holli
Holiday ‘Holli’ James looks forward to the week between Christmas and New Year’s. This is her one chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of her successful decorating business. The plan this year: a trip to New York City to see all the sights...


Helping Santa
Grandmas are wise beyond their years and often give us memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. Helping Santa: My First Christmas Adventure With Grandma is the story of one of those enchanting moments.Told there is no Santa by his...


An Irish Christmas Feast
This bountiful, first-time-ever omnibus collection of more than fifty tales by one of Ireland's liveliest and most popular story writers offers holiday charm, human idiosyncrasy, and Gaelic humor by the Christmas stockingful. Drawing on the rich...


Santa's First Flight
I really, really enjoyed reading this picture book. It is a very unusual way to depict Santa's beginnings and I have to say I rather enjoyed the little twist of using penguins over his more traditional reindeer (I love penguins.) The art in this...


Off-Duty Christmas
Devastated at losing her parents at eighteen, she continues to mourn their death. Kaitlyn buries herself in her work, dispatching for the Cedar Creek Police Department. When holidays roll around, she works harder. If anyone attempts to get close...


Christmas Spice
Four Christmas stories to spice up our holidays. Marry Me in Montana - Sue Lyndon Amy and her fiance, Jake, are on their way to Florida for their destination wedding when a fierce snowstorm leaves them stranded in...


The Christmas Chronicles
All three of Jeff Guinn’s beloved Christmas Chronicles novels in one elegant edition. The Autobiography of Santa Claus “A book that deserves classic status.” —The Dallas Morning News This...


Lucy and Tom's Christmas
There is something really special about Christmas, as Lucy and Tom discover in this book. By the author of "Lucy & Tom 1.2.3.", "Copycard", "Are you There, Bear?", "Father Christmas" and "Meg and Mog".


Merry Christmas!
Karal Ann Marling is an art historian at the University of Minnesota whose specialty is American visual culture. (She has also written a book on the Minnesota State Fair.) 26.04.2017

The Witch Casts A Spell
With its delightfully hair-raising surprise ending, this Halloween frolic is set to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" (with the musical arrangement included). Full color.


A Sixpenny Christmas
As the worst storm of the century breaks across the North West, sweeping through Snowdonia and across the Mersey to burst upon Liverpool, two women. Molly and Ellen, give birth to girls in a Liverpool maternity hospital. Despite their different...


Christmas in Wales
Jane Maas writes of her visit to Wales to seek out her extended family at Christmas time. Fulfilling a promise made to her beloved Aunt, and a dream of her own, she goes to trace her family history, and to meet relatives, distant though they may be....


Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses
This title includes four festive, sparkling romances."Baby Beneath the Christmas Tree" by Susan Meier: Gwen McKenzie is single, but she has a beautiful baby and has just landed a fantastic job. What she hadn't counted on was her new boss...


Trick or Treat, Dora!
This is probably our favorite Dora book. I let my daughter pick this book out at Target when she was 18 months old. She is now almost 3. This has been a favorite book of hers for nearly a year and a half. She wanted it read to her nearly daily for a...


The Christmas Star
PG-RATED FUNTHE CHRISTMAS STAR: ’Tis the Season When an old woman makes a wish upon a Christmas star, miracles start to happen. A manipulative angel and a zany Christmas season are exactly what it takes to get Jason and Elise...


The Holiday Brides Collection (Holiday Brides, #1-4)
From bestselling author Ginny Baird, a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller! The Holiday Brides Collection (Books 1- 4), a magical, heartwarming collection of holiday love stories. This volume contains: The Christmas Catch, The Holiday Bride,...


The Christmas Quilt
Two orphaned children wrapped in a crazy quilt bring together a lonely Texas ranger and a rebellious young woman. After running away from home at 16 to follow the wrong man, Alison Mitchell is determined to do the right thing and take care of her...


Christmas with the Boss
This is additional to the Hot for The Boss series, not a stand alone.Alisha and Scott have been happily married for five years. Work commitments put a strain on their family, and Scott tries to ease the pressure only to put Alisha in a bad...


Christmas Jars
Where had it come from? Whose money was it? Was I to spend it? Save it? Pass it on to someone more needy? Above all else, why was I chosen? Certainly there were others, countless others, more needy than me... Her reporter's...


The Twelve Days to Christmas
Librarian note: alternate-cover edition of B00FL1X8MU.What if his proposal had an expiration date?Hannah's in a bit of...


Franklin's Christmas Gift
Franklin’s Christmas Gift is the re-release of a classic from the enduring Franklin series by Paulette Bourgeois. At Franklin’s school, Franklin’s teacher, Mr. Owl, tells the students to begin thinking about what they will bring to donate to the...


The Christmas Creed
This book didn't work for me. It was originally titled Crack Wheat for Christmas and the author said he updated it to fit it in today's modern world. It might have been better to have left it in the original setting, if that was 100 years ago. ...


Esther's Gift
Readers flocked home to Mitford last Christmas, making The Mitford Snowmen a New York Times bestseller. In Esther's Gift, Esther Bolick is filled with the holiday spirit as she prepares to bake the annual batch of...


In Love with Santa
Two sexy holiday stories for the price of one! For those who want a sexy Santa for Christmas. The last thing Nadia expects to find while doing a Christmas cater is Santa with a concussion in the office kitchen. After bringing him home to...


The Christmas List
Here’s a fact-filled portrait of how most people really experience Christmas—complete with tacky blinking lights, demented decorations, and the mess in the living room after all the presents are opened. Along the way, you’ll discover plenty of...


The Angel Tree
The annual installation of the Christmas tree at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, is an event cherished by visitors and scholars alike. The Baroque base of the majestic tree supports a landscape in which vivid eighteenth-century Neapolitan...


And Thus He Came (1916)
The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects: Christmas stories


Christmas Eve Blizzard
Christmas Eve Blizzard is the tender story of a beautiful cardinal who is trapped in the snow until a young boy rescues him. Nicholas places more importance on caring for the injured bird than in decorating the Christmas tree or opening his gifts on...


A Christmas Filled with Miracles
The holiday season always seems touched by the miraculous, but as we get busy with ordinary life, it's easy to lose touch with that sense of wonder. This book aims to help readers connect with that sense of hopefulness.


Paper Angels
Kevin Morrell is a forty-three-year-old husband and father who runs a successful design and marketing firm that's crashed into the suffering economy. Attempting to navigate the busyness of the mall at Christmas, Kevin is humbled when he...


Christmas Joy
It might be a little bit weird, reading a Christmas book in the middle of March, but I did it and I LOVED it! How can you not enjoy reading, staring at this beautiful book?! I think you have to read this book every December. It just fills you with...


A Very Shitake Christmas (Shitake Mystery #1.5)
A Very Shitake Christmas by Patricia Mason was free in the kindles store a few weeks ago. This is a novelette featuring Mo and Ross. It's June and Ross's father has announced he is coming for Christmas. Only he doesn't mean December, he...


The Christmas Tomten
I first spotted this book in our local library's online card catalog when I was searching for The Tomten to read for the 04.01.2016

The Animals' Merry Christmas
Broke this book out last night to read to B for the 7th Christmas. I have my own copy from my childhood as well. My FAVORITE story then and now, is "The Goat that Played Santa Claus." It defines the Christmas spirt for me. There are some stories...


The Christmas Bride
I just recently moved and my TBR pile is packed away and eagerly awaiting me in storage. Before the holidays I downloaded this book for my Kinlde app, I had every intention of reading it. Unfortunately, I was very busy during the holidays...


Holly, Reindeer, and Colored Lights
Traces the origins of our favorite holiday customs and symbols, many of which antedate the first Christmas.Each of our holidays has its own familiar traditions: Trick-or-treating on Halloween, eating turkey on Thanksgiving, waiting for Santa...


A Season of Angels (Cape Light, #13)
Christmas evokes heartfelt songs of joy and devotion. Yet so often we hold back and fail to express our feelings of love and joy to the ones we hold dear. This year, the residents of Cape Light and Angel Island will learn to speak what’s in...


Kirby Puckernut and the Christmas Surprise
Kirby Puckernut is Santa's cleverest little elf. While dreaming up marvelous toys for good girls and boys, Kirby has his best idea yet - a real elf in every home, all through the holidays, spreading Christmas Magic! Santa finds the perfect family...


The Christmas Box
Eve Merriam's 1985 work about a family, so excited to run to the tree that each family member does what they can to get to the bottom of the stairs as quickly as possible. But when they get to the tree, there is only one long box. . .what could be...


Cowboy Christmas
Twelve days of Christmas--three heartwarming romances!"A Husband for Christmas" by Carol FinchTo reassure her overprotective parents, Victoria Thurston must convince the town marshal to be her "holiday husband." But the magical, festive...


Funny Bones
Clanking and clattering his way down the street, this kooky skeleton is in search of a treat. Glow-in-the-dark eyes provide a touch of Halloween magic for the youngest of trick-or-treaters. Full color.


White Christmas
Everyone dreams of a White Christmas. But nobody dreams of one quite as much as Hal Benson. An out-of-work actor, Hal has been hired as a stand-in weather forecaster by a ratings-chasing news channel. Hal couldn't care less whether...


The Shoe Box
**What follows is not only very personal, but has a faith-filled message. Read at your own discretion:I try to read Francine Rivers' THE SHOE BOX every year for Christmas. It is such a wonderful, sweet little book about a boy full of faith...


Grandfather's Christmas Tree
Beginning their life together in the Colorado wilderness, a young rancher and his wife work hard, and joyfully anticipate the birth of their first child. Their many hopes and dreams for their new family are suddenly put in danger when a merciless...


Sharing Christmas
Christmas--Literary collection


A Very Merry Billionaire Christmas
YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED…. Eccentric billionaire Conrad Wolverton is throwing the holiday party of the century. Rumor has it, he’s just looking to sell off his mansion, and an in-person showing disguised as an elegant soiree is the easiest...


A Victorian Christmas Tea
Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Catherine Palmer lives in Atlanta with her husband, Tim, where they serve as missionaries in a refugee community. They have two grown sons....


Christmas Carol
Librarian note: alternate-cover edition of B00F8CRE7C.One winter wedding, two happy couples, three ex-boyfriends. And a very uncomfortable...


Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker
Christmas is coming, and Madame Rosa has prepared a surprise party for her ballet class. "Ella Bella, would you fetch the music box?" asks Madame Rosa. "Then we can have some dancing at our party." As the music begins playing, little Ella Bella is...


The Princess and the Kiss
My 6 year-old daughter and I read a couple of books most nights. One night, we read only this as it provided the opportunity to talk about the things we have and what we need. I genuinely liked the message of this wholesome children’s book. The...


The Belmont Christmas Bride
USA Today bestselling author Shadonna Richards enjoys reading and writing about the magic of romance and the power of love. Born in London, England, she has a B.A. Degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Nursing. She is also the author of the...


Emilie's Christmas Love
It’s Christmas time in Ferrier’s Mountain, North Carolina.Emilie Ferrier wants to adopt a child to fill her empty life. She’s given up any hope of meeting the ‘right’ guy. She can offer a child anything, except two parents.Nick...


The Snowflake Inn
A home for the holidays…Grace thought she had finally found a place to belong. Coming off of ten years of tragedy and disappointments, her arrival at The Snowflake Inn finally gives her a reason to have hope for her future and the...


Flamingo's First Christmas
Nancy Raines Day is the author of seven picture books. Her most recent are A is for Alliguitar: Musical Alphabeasts and On a Windy Night. Her first children's book, The Lion's Whiskers: An Ethiopian Folktale, was a New...


The Christmas Story
According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke from the King James Bible.The story of the birth of Christ, celebrated around the world at Christmas, is one of the most beautiful in the New Testament. From Mary's...


The First Christmas of New England
Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe (June 14, 1811 – July 1, 1896) was an American author and abolitionist, whose novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) attacked the cruelty of slavery; it reached millions as a novel and play, and became influential,...


A Home for the Holidays
A Home For The Holidays is a definite must read!!Each story is unique and sweet. Filled with a warmth you can only get from the holidays. I much enjoyed reading every story and am honored to sit besides such wonderful talent. Dana...


The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories
No holiday can thrill kids more than Christmas! If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you enjoyed some of the greatest inventions in the world of toys, food, and entertainment. But just how much do you know about the history, fun, and controversy...


Thanksgiving Book, The
This is one of the best holiday traditions books I've read. It includes the history of Thanksgiving, recipes (there are some great looking soup recipes I'm going to try), Thanksgiving psalms and prayers, Thanksgiving songs (lyrics and music),...


The Christmas Bus
I understand that Melody Carlson, author of The Christmas Bus, has actually written many Christmas themed novels. This was my first, however, and it was cute. While this second novel played a bit more obviously on Christmas story themes, such as...


Corduroy's Christmas
A LITTLE ABOUT MEAs a child I loved to draw-but I also loved books, especially picture books. I still remember certain illustrations, covers and bindings from books that were read to me as a young girl.I’ve lived in many places: I grew...


I'll Be Home for Christmas (Includes: Bullet Catcher, #2.5)
A collection of heartwarming holiday stories from today's stars of passionate romance! LINDA LAEL MILLER delivers a holiday miracle in the bittersweet tale of a young woman who can't...


All I Want For Christmas
Last night, Anna Gardner was the life of the office Christmas party—right up until she threw herself at gorgeous advertising executive playboy, Hugh Munro. Again. Last year, Hugh let her pretend their passionate kiss never happened, but this year...


A Touch of Christmas
A collection of Yuletide romance stories features the tale of the woman who asks a male friend to pose as her husband in order to prove that she can provide a home for her orphaned nieces. Original.Contains:“The Christmas Ring” by Dawn...


A Christmas Like Helen's
At Helen’s home, there are no telephones or electric lights. Cars have not yet been invented, so she and her sister and brothers must walk a mile to school, even in freezing weather. Without refrigeration, they must harvest ice from the...


The Littlest Elf
A sweet holiday story from a New York Times bestselling duo!From the New York Times bestselling team that brought us The Littlest Pilgrim comes a sweet new holiday follow-up filled with Christmas cheer and adorable stickers!Oliver...


The Christmas Child
A story about an old women, who adopted a girl relative, and tried to raise her, so she would never marry, and leave her. The old women leased a stony sea side farm. An old man, names Nathan, had helped her run the farm. They had two other young...


Christmas Spirit
Enjoy rich holiday memories with this heartwarming collection of true Christmas stories from favorite LDS authors—everyday people who have received tidings of comfort and joy. From miraculous to dramatic, profound to heartwarming, this touching...


The Halloween Book
Unique and easy-to-follow, this essential guide to Halloween fun is filled with ideas for a deliciously deadly day, including creating the perfect costumes (for children and adults), spectacular decorating tips, ghoulish party ideas, important...


The Christmas Snowman
A Rand McNally Junior Elf Book


The Berenstain Bears Trim the Tree
Ah, those devilish Berenstain Bears are back! Although, they don't really look like bears- they look more like what Donald Trump would look like if he was a bear (each member of the Berenstain tribe seems to have a weird combover). The book itself...


Just Enough Is Plenty
An old peddler joins Malka's family for the first night of the Hanukkah celebrations--one in which there is "just enough" food for the family, but they gladly share with him. The next morning, they find the peddler has gone, leaving a a sackful of...


Santa Maybe
With a successful bakery to run, super cute nieces and nephews to spoil, and plenty of good friends to keep her company, Abbie s not about to start crying over the fact that she s doesn't have a boyfriend to spend Christmas with. But when her sister...


The Xmas Files
As we stuff ourselves with plumped-up turkeys, unwrap the latest useless gadget, and gather round the family tree, what real relevance does the festive season have and why do we perpetuate it? The Xmas Files is designed to be a fun book,...


A Pony Express Christmas
MISTLETOE MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE When Jake Bridges suddenly finds himself the guardian of his orphaned niece, he knows he needs a wife. What does a stock tender at a pony express station know about raising...


Christmas Goes Camo Anthology
'Melting the Ice' by Desiree holtWhen an elf and an alpha male collide at the frozen South Pole, will the heat they generate melt the ice?Sonia Snowflake, one of Santa’s elves and warriors, hates her new assignment—go to the South...


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat!
This stories are by far my favorite stories. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat, is obviously from the title an old lady who swallowed a bat. The old lady then goes on to eat many other different objects to get rid of the bat. At the end she...


An Amish Country Christmas
In Willow Ridge, Missouri, the Christmas season is a time when faith brings peace, family brings warmth and new romance brings sparkling joy. . .Twins For ChristmasFor spirited Martha Coblentz and her twin Mary, the snow has delivered the...


Christmas Memories
Oh, those Christmas memories. We all have them, locked away in our hearts. But what about the Christmases we weren’t there for? The one our favorite heirloom ornament came from, or the one we know only from a picture of our newlywed parents smiling...


The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope #1)
Sometimes, the things that can change your life will cross your path in one instant-and then, in a fleeting moment, they're gone. But if you open your eyes, and watch carefully, you will believe.... Robert is a successful attorney who has...


Remembering Christmas
Christmastime brings back memories as surely as office parties bring recriminations. The childhood wishes fulfilled (or dashed), the magic of anticipation, fighting over the dinner table. . .these are the ghosts of every Christmas past and present....


Christmas Every Day
Here is a charming Christmas tale. Read this to your little one. "I took the book from her outstretched arm and examined the title, "Christmas Every Day" by William Dean Howells".So wrote Richard Paul Evans in his phenomenally successful bestseller...


The Night Before Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas when all through the houseNot a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.And you know the rest! Everyone loves this old classic written by Clement Clarke Moore. Christmas would not be Christmas if this...


Nor Doth He Sleep
Nor Doth He Sleep tells the true story of three best friends from a Russian orphanage, who could never forget each other. Beginning with a shocking first visit to Santa Claus, where five-year-old Sarah asks him heartbreaking questions, the short...


The Door to Halloween
How many of us have wished to find a door to some magical world beyond our own? And what trick-or-treater hasn’t desired that the delights of All Hallows Eve could last all the year round? In a fantasy adventure that will haunt the reader’s...


Sing We Now of Christmas
Christmas carols capture the spirit of Christmas like nothing else, and Sing We Now of Christmas brings beloved carols to life like never before. Walk in the footsteps of good King Wenceslas. Experience anew the bells on Christmas Day. Witness the...


Where's Waldo? Santa Spectacular
Where’s Waldo? He’s in the holiday spirit in an exciting new sticker book.A perfect gift to celebrate Waldo’s twenty-fifth year!It’s Waldo’s world, and it’s all decked out for Christmas! Snowmen, skis, toys, and...


Christmas Comfort (Hot Holidays, #1)
** Hot and Steamy Christmas Story **Mitchell Langford knew how to please a woman.He also knew how to lose one.The one thing he didn't know, and for the life of him couldn't figure out, was how to keep one. ---...


Beasley's Christmas Party
For “Beasley’s Christmas Party” Tarkington returns to the Midwest again, though this time he keeps the state a mystery. The town though is known as Wainwright, and the story told through the eyes of the narrator who has just moved to Wainwright to...


Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses
Three wishes this Christmas...1. A new life in the country: It has taken all of Louise Thornton's courage to start again. This will be a different life, one away from the paparazzi--and her cheating celebrity husband!2. Someone to help decorate the...


Holiday Sparks
Darcy Tucker hates Christmas. Being lead supervisor at a department store shows her the very worst of humanity. When her holiday display is demolished, she turns to the least likely person she knows—her hot, tattooed tenant who seems to get off on...


Coming Home for Christmas
Three stories salute the romance of holiday homecomings Christmas Angel by Lindsay McKenna When Navy SEAL Kyle Anderson gets a call saying Anna Campbell needs him, he doesn't think twice. On the Montana ranch where they grew...


Season's Christmas Quest
Season, a bright-eyed, golden dog of mixed breed, is best friends with his master's little girl, Melissa. But just days before Christmas, a canopy of darkness covers the skies, ash blankets the ground, and the land seems to wither and die. Worse...


Cobweb Christmas
All her life, Tante had heard tales about marvelous happenings on Christmas Eve. Animals might speak aloud. Bees might hum carols, or cocks crow at midnight. Tante wished she could witness a bit of Christmas magic, too.Everybody...


Wyoming Christmas Heroes
A Celebration of Brave Heroes at ChristmastimeA cup of Christmas, a dash of heroics, a sprinkling of romance, and a heap of faith creates a recipe for holiday magic in four novellas. Doctor St....


Christmas Wishes
It is the autumn of 1945 and identical twins Joy and Gillian Lawrence are on their way home to Liverpool, having been evacuated to Devonshire five years earlier.Their mother has been killed in the blitz but the girls hope that with their beloved...


Gaston the Green-Nosed Alligator
Gaston explains the events depicted in Cajun Night Before Christmas. Unprepared for his yearly trek because of a series of problems, a perplexed Santa sees Gaston in flight -- suddenly the friendly alligator is employed to help save Christmas Eve.


A Wish for Christmas (Cape Light #10)
In Cape Light, Christmas brings unexpected gifts that will never be forgotten. This Christmas, the people of Cape Light reflect on their past and revel in their future. David has returned home after serving in...


Ten Gingerbread Men
A simple countdown book. Cute, but mediocre in its execution.