Is There Life in Outer Space? (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)
By relating famous hoaxes such as the radio broadcast of H.G. Well's War of the Worlds and discussing recent space probes to Mars, Mercury and Venus, Branley comes to the conclusion that there might be life beyond Earth... but not in our solar...


Apollo 14 (Apogee Books Space Series #14)
Apollo 14 landed in the Fra Mauro region, the intended landing site of the aborted Apollo 13 mission. The astronauts used the Modularized Equipment Transporter (MET) to haul equipment during two EVAs (later missions would use the Lunar Roving...


The Conquest of Space
by Willy Ley (Paintings By Chesley Bonestell)Mid 20th century vision of space exploration.


Look to the Stars
Buzz Aldrin takes readers on a journey through the history of space exploration.As one of a handful of astronauts to have walked on the moon, Buzz Aldrin has a unique perspective of space. And he serves as an amazing guide...


My First Book of The Planets
There is something so optimistic about a space book written in the mid-1980s. Back then, the space shuttle was just beginning to fly, the space station was in the planning stages, and Pluto was still a planet. We couldn't foresee a time when we...


Exploring Space
Here, for the first time, is the fascinating story of NASA's most incredible voyages of discovery--the interplanetary odysseys of its deep-space probes, from Viking and Voyager to Magellan and Galileo, Burrows captures all the excitement and drama...


Homesteading Space
As the United States and the Soviet Union went from exploring space to living in it, a space station was conceived as the logical successor to the Apollo moon program. But between conception and execution there was the vastness of space itself, to...


The Day We Walked on the Moon
A fascinating look at outer space exploration filled with dramatic color photographs and bold newspaper headlines. From the first flights into space to the momentous day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, from Skylab to the Shuttle, plus an exciting...


Space Mission Analysis and Design (Space Technology Library)
The second edition of Space Mission Analysis and Design continues the tradition of emphasizing the process of mission design establshed by the first edition. Process tables are now included for all elements of the design...


Truth, Lies, and O-Rings
What they didn’t want you to know   "We all watched in shock and disbelief when Challenger was lost. Probably no one felt more disappointment and regret than Allan McDonald, who had warned us not to launch that day....


Filled with many beautiful paintings and photographs, this book offers an excellent overview of NASA from the beginning through the early shuttle years.


The Mystery of Mars
In 1997, NASA's Pathfinder began a new era in Mars exploration when it touched down and, along with its tiny rover, Sojourner, explored the Martian surface for the first time in 20 years. In December 1999, a new NASA spacecraft will land on Mars,...


Destination Moon
The Apollo space program was the largest technical undertaking of the twentieth century. In three short years, from 1969-1972, nine missions headed to the moon, and six of them landed men on its surface and safely returned home. ...


Frontiers of Space
The first volume of the Pocket Encyclopaedia of Spaceflight in Colour, the enormously successful Manned Spacecraft, was mainly concerned with spacecraft up to the point of landing astronauts on the Moon. This second volume deals with the further...


The Last Man on the Moon
Eugene Cernan is a unique American who came of age as an astronaut during the most exciting and dangerous decade of spaceflight. His career spanned the entire Gemini and Apollo programs, from being the first person to spacewalk all the way around...


Digital Apollo
As Apollo 11's Lunar Module descended toward the moon under automatic control, a program alarm in the guidance computer's software nearly caused a mission abort. Neil Armstrong responded by switching off the automatic mode and taking direct control....


Apollo 8 (Apogee Books Space Series #1)
On December 21, 1968 the National Aeronautics & Space Administration sent three men to orbit the moon.Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot Willam Anders were to be the first living creatures to...