New York

Portrait in Brownstone
The Story Family saga about three (in reality two and a half) generations of a blue-blooded New York family.The Good Auchincloss is a smooth and facile writer, so the story flows pretty easily. He also has an eye...


A New Deal for New York
Hailed in the New York Observer as a "utopian gesture in a city that has been mired in grim realities, " A New Deal for New York is a stirring call-to-arms from the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Mike Wallace. Written with the same verve and gusto...


Hell's Kitchen;
Essential history of New York's colorful neighborhood. Essential for residents and historians.


New York in Four Seasons
Michael Storrings, the illustrator and creator of widely collected city-themed Christmas tree ornaments, brings to life only-in-New-York events that mark the four seasons, as well as the subtle changes in textures and colors, that each different...


Park Row
This is an excellent, if overly nostalgic study of turn-of-the-twentieth-century journalism in New York City. Written in the late 1950s, it harks back to an era when the newspaper reporter was king of the hill, and New York was the mecca of...


Lost and Found
Acclaimed fiction writer Thomas Beller culls a new volume of essays, vignettes, and tales of the city from the literary Web site Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, one of the premier venues for the urban sketch on the...


Forgotten New York
Forgotten New York is your passport to more than 300 years of history, architecture, and memories hidden in plain sight.Houses dating to the first Dutch settlers on Staten Island; yellow brick roads in...


The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn
This generously illustrated book takes us on a tour of the ninety neighborhoods of Brooklyn, providing intimate portraits of their diverse ethnic makeups, abundance of architectural styles, and many churches and festivals.“Filled with maps,...