Strahlungen I
Bewundere ja an Jünger stets auch sein Höchstmaß an dekadenter Abgefucktheit, wie in einem ästhetischen Traum durch beide Weltkriege (In Strahlungen der zweite Weltkrieg) zu stolzieren und zwischen Bombenteppichen und...


Beaton in the Sixties
This book has some points of interest. It's great to read about this observant man's point of view on society and his great many acquaintances. This was a diary written from 1965-69 and you have a background of societal change: the hippy movements,...


This was surprisingly good. An adventure story set during the early European settlement of Australia. The new cover (not available in goodreads) is much better than this original one. Suitable for Year 4 and above. PF.


Reflective Practice
In this fully updated and revised third edition, the author draws on her considerable experience and extensive research to demonstrate a creative dynamic mode of reflection and reflexivity. Using expressive and explorative writing combined with...


Griffith REVIEW 43
Isolated by ocean, New Zealand’s ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to introduced species. The constant arrival of new flora and fauna, via humans, wind and sea, means the biodiversity is constantly changing. Humans too have been washing up on New...


Creative Journal for Teens, 2nd Ed.
Helps teenagers express their true feelings and thoughts in the safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere of personal journal keeping.


Keel's Simple Diary Vol. II (Black)
Volume II: another 121 days to fill in!In a world where products are out as soon as they're in, where communicating without wires doesn't come without strings, and even our accessories need accessories, we need simple tools. A book that...