Spectrum 17
Challenging, controversial, educational, and irreverent, the 15th anniversary addition to the award-winning Spectrum series reinforces both the importance and prevalence of fantastic art in today’s culture. With exceptional images by...


Beguiled by the Wild
If Charley Harper were still alive I would recommend that he sell his prints on etsy, because I know all my friends would go apeshit for them. Or, you know, in a gallery, because they are art.For each one he writes a little playful...


Photographing Friends and Family
Pictures of Ourselves, People at Their Best, Matching Light to Subject, People Together, Chronicling the Family.


Art Power
Art has its own power in the world, and is as much a force in the power play of global politics today as it once was in the arena of cold war politics. Art, argues the distinguished theoretician Boris Groys, is hardly a powerless commodity subject...


Crap Hound # 4
Clip art book on Clowns, Devils & Bait, second edition with 26 new pages. It's a reprinted and expanded version of the 1996 release.


Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows reveals an unprecedented, intimate look at Ryan Adams and his band the Cardinals through the evocative photography of lead guitarist, Neal Casal.  An intensely personal collection of 200...


The Particle Tarot
Dave McKean is a world-renowned artist, designer, and film director who has illustrated several books for children, including The Savage by David Almond, and Coraline, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, and The Wolves in the Wall, all by...


Almost a decade into his astounding career, James Jean has emerged as one of contemporary art's most important voices. From sell-out gallery shows in New York City and crowded signings at Comic-Con to kudos from the fashion world for his work for...


The Roy Strong Diaries 1967-1987
For over three decades Roy Strong has teased, tantalized, amused, and sometimes enraged the British public, firstly in his capacity as the Director of two great cultural institutions, the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum,...


German Expressionist Painting
Traces the development of Expressionism in Dresden, Munich, and Vienna between 1905 and 1914.


Horst Hamann New York
In just a few short years, Horst Hamann has risen to the forefront of artists whose unique vision of New York is as monumental and impressive as the city itself. Critics everywhere applauded his wildly successful, New York Vertical, hailing it as "a...


Empathic Vision
This book analyzes contemporary visual art produced in the context of conflict and trauma from a range of countries, including Colombia, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Australia. It focuses on what makes visual language unique, arguing that the...


Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell takes as its premise the idea that the outer person is a reflection of the inner. Tracing the modern photographic portrait over the past 150 years, the book reveals the many ways the photographic arts have investigated,...


Scritti, interviste, testimonianze
Sono qui raccolti per la prima volta tutti i principali scritti di Edward Hopper, unitamente alle sue più significative interviste e alle più importanti testimonianze di coloro che lo conobbero. Sia le sue pagine, sia i racconti di critici...


Step-by-Step Studio
There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on drawing workshops and classes. For a fraction of the cost, this book offers all the fundamental information beginners need to kick off their creative pursuits in pencil! Inside, four...


How to See a Work of Art in Total Darkness
Work by black artists today is almost uniformly understood in terms of its "blackness," with audiences often expecting or requiring it to "represent" the race. In How to See a Work of Art in Total Darkness, Darby English shows how severely such...


Features photos of Paris' parks, buildings, streets, store windows, prostitutes, workers, and door handles.


Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces
This handsome tome is packed to the gills with paintings, and while readers might disagree with any of Sister Wendy Beckett's choices (that's half the fun, perhaps), there are still hundreds of unforgettable works of art that nearly any reader can...


The History of Paris in Painting
A sumptuous artistic tribute to the city of lights, this volume brings Paris to life in paintings that range from the medieval to the modern.“Paris is a moveable feast,” Ernest Hemingway once proclaimed. The city of lights, or the city of...


Love Revealed
The first major survey of Simeon Solomon's varied and dramatic career reconsiders the artist's life and work, his relationship to Pre-Raphaelitism and Aestheticism and his influence on late 19th century art. Six introductory essays, written by...


Exchanging Hats
While searching for "the complete poems" of Elizabeth Bishop, I found this magnificent book. Including an Introduction and Notes the book is only 106 pages. But, it is such a find. Although Elizabeth Bishop was one of the foremost poets of the...


Light And Lighting
Librarian note: There is more than one author with this name in the Goodreads database.Michael Freeman is a professional photographer and author. He wrote more than 100 book titles. He was born in England in 1945, took a Masters in...


Diego Rivera
I wish this book had more pictures, but otherwise this was a well-written, readable and enjoyable history book with some great art images and a fun, interesting perspective on the events in Mexico, Europe and the United States from 1900 through the...


Invisible City
For a decade, Ken Schles watched the passing of time from his Lower East Side neighbourhood. His camera fixed the instances of his observations, and these moments became the foundation of his invisible city. Friends and architecture come under the...


The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art
Illustrated in colour with many photographs, prints and drawings, this book seeks to present a balanced and worldwide survey of prehistoric art. It also offers a detailed account of how the world of scholarship became aware of the existence of...


20 Ways to Draw a Bike and 44 Other Incredible Ways to Get Around
This inspiring sketchbook, part of the 20 Ways series from Quarry Books, designed to offer artists, designers, and doodlers a fun and sophisticated collection of illustration fun. Each spread features 20 inspiring illustrated examples of 45...


Pirates, Patriots, and Princesses
A giant in the field of illustration and children's books, Howard Pyle (1853-1911) published some 3,300 illustrations during his thirty-five-year career. He also wrote many of the stories he illustrated and, as a teacher, shared his artistic views...


How to Draw 101 Animals
These 48-page books are brilliant for any young child wanting to learn how to draw. The books include simple step-by-step black and white illustrations to follow to make the learning process easy and fun. Once these titles have been mastered the...


Illustration Now! Vol. 4
Today’s most exciting illustrators, from A to ZThe Illustration Now! series continually brings you groundbreaking work by the world's most exciting illustrators. A fascinating mix of established master draftsmen and...


Global Feminisms
Global Feminismsby Linda Nochlin and Maura ReillyTeton County Library's call number: 704.042 GlobalSuzanne's rating 4 stars on most daysThis work is indicative of the role of feminism in art present day. This work explores...


Art Since 1900 (College Text Edition with Art 20 CD-ROM)
A landmark in art history and the most anticipated art publishing event of the new millennium. In this groundbreaking and original work of scholarship, four of the most influential and provocative art historians of our time have come together to...


Robert Smithson
Robert Smithson (1938-1973) produced his best-known work during the 1960s and early 1970s, a period in which the boundaries of the art world and the objectives of art-making were questioned perhaps more consistently and thoroughly than any time...


Robert Doisneau
A previously unpublished collection of Robert Doisneau’s color photography provides a unique opportunity to revisit the early years of one of America’s legendary holiday destinations. In 1960, Robert Doisneau was invited by Fortune magazine to cover...


PC Magazine Digital SLR Photography Solutions
Don't enter the world of Digital SLR without this book! If you want to use your Digital SLR camera like a pro, let a pro (or two) show you how! Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta have been covering the world of digital photography since 1991,...


I'd Rather Be in the Studio!
For Artists Who Are Ready to Garner Attention for Their Art I d Rather Be in the Studio! offers both practical and innovative approaches that help you get your art out of the studio and in front of buyers and collectors....


The Art of Captain America
Continuing their popular ART OF series of movie tie-in books, Marvel presents its latest blockbuster achievement! Featuring exclusive concept artwork, behind-the-scenes photographs, production stills, and in-depth interviews with the cast and crew,...


The Artistic Cat
Stunning full-color paintings expressing the myriad facets of the cat's personality are complemented by quotations and verses which celebrate the natural wonder and beauty of the feline.


Dorothea Lange
One of the most important documentary photographers of our time, Dorothea Lange's revolutionary work chronicled America's struggle with poverty during the Great Depression. Her widely reproduced, classic portrait from the 1940s, "Migrant Mother, "...


Pictures of Paintings
What do paintings signify in an age of photographs? How do photographs modify the visual language of paintings? Richard Misrach's Pictures of Paintings showcases photographs of select museum masterpieces. Working...


Painter showcases the world's finest digital artwork using Corel's natural media painting program, Painter. Painter exhibits 209 works by 135 artists across diverse categories such as portraits, concept art, fantasy, editorial...


Anatomy Drawing School
The Anatomy Drawing School Animal anatomy recognizes the prominent role of the anatomy for the fine arts. The impressively detailed illustrations of the Hungarian master Andras Szunyoghy have accompanied artists as well as anatomists all over the...


Rachel Harrison
Rachel Harrison (born 1966) is one of the most exciting artists making sculptures today. Her assemblages of found and constructed objects carry a provisional quality, a wry sense of humor and an all-embracing intelligence. Playing with materials...


OCCAM's Razor
Despite the odd title, which refers to one of the guiding principles of scientific and philosophical inquiry, this is an accessible collection of essays, ideas, and personal experiences. As far as author Bill Jay is concerned, photography encroaches...


Ecce Homo
100 drawings, including 16 in full color, by master satirist and accomplished draftsman George Grosz (1893-1959). First published in 1923 but suppressed, the collection offers an unsparing vision of human nakedness, lust, greed and cruelty. The...


Henri Matisse was a French artist, known for his use of colour and his fluid, brilliant and original draughtsmanship. As a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but principally as a painter, Matisse is one of the best-known artists of the 20th...


Albumen and Salted Paper Book
History & complete working directions for albumen printing; includes historical & archival aspects.


Vasily Kandinsky
Born in Russia, Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was one of the most original and influential artists to emerge in the twentieth century. He is known primarily for his daring use of color in startling non-objective works. Vasily Kandinsky: A Colorful...


Blasted Allegories
The Ringier Collection, one of Europe's most informed contemporary art collections, includes key pieces ranging from John Baldessari (whose seminal 1978 work lends it's title to this book) to Richard Prince, Fischli & Weiss, Urs Fischer, Rodney...


Picasso Black and White
Picasso Black and White examines the artist's lifelong exploration of a black-and-white leitmotif through paintings and a selection of sculptures and works on paper. Picasso continued the tradition of engaging the color black that had been employed...


Curiosity and Method
Book annotation not available for this title.


Facing Beauty
Throughout the history of the Western world, countless attempts have been made to define beauty in art and life, especially with regard to women's bodies and faces. Facing Beauty examines concepts of female beauty in terms of the ideal and...


The Art of Describing
"The art historian after Erwin Panofsky and Ernst Gombrich is not only participating in an activity of great intellectual excitement; he is raising and exploring issues which lie very much at the centre of psychology, of the sciences and of history...


Why People Photograph
A now classic text on the art, "Why People Photograph" gathers a selection of essays by the great master photographer Robert Adams, tackling such diverse subjects as collectors, humor, teaching, money and dogs. Adams also writes brilliantly on...


The Photographer's Eye Field Guide
Whether on a weekend city break or a month-long trekking vacation, this handy litle guide will be your indispensable companion. Taking photos that really capture the essence of your time away is a real skill, and swamped with a multitude of choices,...


Mitch Dobrowner
Mitch Dobrowner has been chasing storms since 2009, traveling throughout Western and Midwestern America to capture nature in its full fury. Making photographs in the tradition of Ansel Adams, to the highest standard of craftsmanship, Dobrowner...


Leonardo Da Vinci The Complete Paintings (Vol. 1)


Collage Sourcebook
The beauty of collage art appeals to all people. Anyone from the hobbyist to the fine artist can use collage techniques to add creativity and dimension to their work. This book provides creative instruction and inspiration through a wide range of...


An American Vision
Great book—beautiful illustrations and history! I had to see the work of all three Wyeth men after my visit to the Wyeth Center at the Farnsworth Museum of Art in Rockland, ME. Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945) exhibit was a grouping of large bright...


Contemporary Textiles
A comprehensive look at emerging artists from one of the most exciting mediums in the fine art world today, that profiles some of the most daring and innovative examples of textiles in fine art.


Dennis Hopper
Lying hidden away in Dennis Hopper's home until their discovery months after the artist's death in 2010, this collection of spectacular photographs, exhibited only once in 1969-70 at the Fort Worth Art Center Museum, is a testament to Hopper's...


500 Art Quilts
A beautiful new addition to the successful seriesA vibrant and growing community of crafters has embraced quilting, and this outstanding international collection will inspire and captivate them. Juried by Karey Bresenhan, one of the...


The Story of Painting
I have used this book through the years to share a love of art with my children, from the time they were interested only in pictures and as they got older to look at the historical and social trends that influenced artists through the ages....


How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio
How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio is an eBook that descriptively details subjects related to a basic photo studio setup in the comfort of your home. It contains information about how to use continuous studio lighting, and how to...


The Particle Tarot
I can't get enough of Dave McKean's artwork --- there's something beautiful and disturbing here, all at once.


Hiroshi Sugimoto
This lavish book is the only complete collection of the renowned "Theaters" series, in which Hiroshi Sugimoto opens his shutter as a film begins and closes it as it concludes. "Different movies give different brightnesses. If it's an optimistic...


Douglas Coupland
This publication will be the first monograph to provide a comprehensive overview of Douglas Coupland’s visual art practice with significant critical assessment of his work. To date, existing publications on Coupland’s artwork have been limited in...


An introduction to the twentieth-century painter includes reproductions of so of his best-known surrealist works.


La Catedral de Burgos
La catedral de Burgos es uno de los templos más deslumbrantes y uno de los primeros edificios de nuestro país en ser declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad, por ser el germen del gótico francés en territorio hispano. Nicolás...


Richard Misrach
The photographs in Richard Misrach's Destroy This Memory are a stark, affecting reminder of the physical and psychological impact of Hurricane Katrina as told by those on the ground, and seen through the lens of a contemporary master. Rather than...


Wolfgang Tillmans
Accept no substitutes: Wolfgang Tillmans could well be the coolest photographer on the planet. Always imitated, never bettered, he's the lens-meister of the zeitgeist, the photo-journo who went artside, a man in constant demand, moving effortlessly...


Fish Face
This is a beautiful book full of photos of fish faces. The photography is outstanding and most of the photos include notes about where in the world they were taken. The words are written sideways and that's a bit annoying, but my biggest complaint...


Art of Disneyland
Gathered together for the first time anywhere is anillustrated chronicle of the artistic development of the landmarks,attractions, and shows that constitute Disneyland. Conceptual materials, sketches, layout drawings, andpaintings are meticulously...


Franz Marc (1880-1916) became known principally for his images of animals: blue horses, yellow tigers, red fawns. What was it that led him to concentrate on painting animals? Marc himself explained his choice of subject matter in these words: From...


Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry
A ravishingly beautiful book filled with colourful gothic style, medieval illuminated depictions from the Bible, as well as fairytale castles, angels and animals. Created in the early 15th century, this Book of Hours was commissioned by the Duc de...


Rub shoulders with the "big five". --Spectacular wildlife and nature photography by an award-winning photographer. --Sensitively written essays on the animals, people and environment of the Kalahari. --The ultimate gift book for all who...


Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 3 Box Set
A limited edition box set featuring prints, extras, and compiling material from issues 9-12 of the best-selling magazine Hi-Fructose. The book is a thick 300+ page hardcover expanding original material from issues 9-12 of the magazine; packed with...


A Passion for Plants
“International interest in this distinctive art form was renewed by Sherwood, whose personal collection is considered the world’s most comprehensive. Captivating and commanding, this opulent compilation superbly show-cases vivid new interpretations...


African Art
This book pictures magnificent bead and shell headdresses, intricately-carved wooden thrones, and sophisticated bronze sculpture as it strives to represent the full range of creativity that is evident in African art. Also explored is the...


Secrets of Rusty Things
If you've ever wanted to learn the secrets which turn a tap handle into a mysterious woman from the sea, which transform plastic aquarium plants into subterranean roots stretching far beneath the known world and those which can make an icy cave from...


Learning to Look
Sometimes seeing is more difficult for the student of art than believing. Taylor, in a book that has sold more than 300,000 copies since its original publication in 1957, has helped two generations of art students "learn to look."This handy...


Girl Culture
Renowned photographer Lauren Greenfield has won acclaim and awards for her studies of youth culture. In Girl Culture, she combines a photojournalists sense of story with fine-art composition and color to create an astonishing and intelligent...


Collect Raindrops
Armed with an X-acto knife, artist Nikki McClure painstakingly cuts out her images from a single sheet of black paper and creates a bold language that translates the complex poetry of motherhood, nature and activism into a simple and endearing...


The Lord of the Rings
With Peter Jackson's Acadamy Award-winning epic motion picture trilogy drawing to a spectacular and triumphant close, Gary Russell's detailed research takes us back into the world of Middle-earth, to relive all the visual drama and excitement of...


365 Takes
Andy Warhol was one of the most compelling figures of the 20th-century art world whose body of work transformed the landscape of contemporary art. He was also a notorious collector who saved practically everything that came his way. In 1994, seven...


The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania
The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania brings to (undead) life a fresh new spin on the classic horror monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, Werewolf, and the Invisible Man from Sony Pictures Animation and director Genndy...


Mark Ryden
I am an unabashed fan of Pop Surrealism (aka "Low Brow") art. Ryden is one of the most prolific and high-profile artists of the movement. His self-admitted goal...


Dorothea Lange
This beautiful volume celebrates one of the twentieth century's most important photographers, Dorothea Lange. Led off by an authoritative biographical essay by Elizabeth Partridge (Lange's goddaughter), the book goes on to showcase Lange's work in...


Alice Springs
Starting in 1970, June Newton created own photographic works under the pseudonym Alice Springs. These have been exhibited regularly at the Helmut Newton Foundation since 2005, namely in "June's Room." The current retrospective in...


FOUND Polaroids
I read through this very quickly. I cannot remember how I came across this title to be read, but it was suggested to me somehow. Anyways, I did not spend a lot of time with this book. I found the pictures interesting and the stories interesting to...


The Creative Digital Darkroom
This tutorial takes photographers beyond the quick tips and gimmicky effects of many digital photography books. Author Katrin Eismann -- an internationally acclaimed artist, bestselling author, and gifted educator -- offers high-profile work,...


The Power of Display
Art historians, traditionally, have implicitly accepted the autonomy of the artwork and ignored what Mary Anne Staniszewski calls "the power of display." In this examination of installation design as an aesthetic medium and cultural practice,...


Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques
If you're ready to go from blindly following step-by-step instructions to "Aha, I finally GET Photoshop!" this is the place to start. In these pages, world renowned Photoshop instructor and best-selling author Ben Willmore writes...


Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 for Photographers
Completely updated for the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, Philip Andrews returns with his comprehensive guide to this popular software package. Akin to Martin Evening's bestselling Photoshop title, every feature and function of Elements...


Whitney Biennial 2012
Since its introduction in 1932, the Whitney Biennial—the Museum's signature exhibition and a highly anticipated event in the art world—has charted new developments in contemporary art. Inaugurated by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1932, these...


Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture
Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture provides an original, visual approach to the study of landscape architecture by creating a spatial morphology based on use and experience of landscapes. It explores aesthetic, spatial and experiential...


Charles Brittin
Throughout the 1950s, Charles Brittin was the unofficial house photographer for the Beat community that coalesced around the artist Wallace Berman. Brittin settled in Venice Beach, California, in 1951, and his beach shack became a hangout for the...


Bill Brandt, Behind the Camera
Universally acknowledged as the greatest British photographer and one of the great masters of all twentieth-century photography, Bill Brandt left an indelible mark on the medium during a career that spanned more than fifty years. Trained in the...


Landscape Drawing Step by Step
This easy-to-follow guide by a noted artist and teacher offers a wealth of valuable tips and suggestions for recording the beauty of nature on drawing paper. Stressing the value of on-the-spot drawings, Wendon Blake's clearly written manual provides...


Art After Midnight
Steven Hager briefly visited Haight-Ashbury in 1968, and the following year he attended the first Woodstock festival. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater (Playwriting), and a Masters of Science in Journalism, both from the University of...