How to Rock Climb
The point of this book is to teach the reader how to create safe, solid anchors for big wall (multi-pitch) routes, and it does a very good job of that. There's a lot of emphasis on making the primary anchor bomb-proof and multi-directional, because...


Cascade Alpine Guide (3rd Ed.)
Columbia River to Stevens Pass. Climbing and high routes.


• The first in-depth book on redpointing, where the climber does not weight the rope or pull or stand on manmade equipment • Assessing your redpoint and on-sight skills, choosing a route, and practicing with learning burns • The best ways...


Espresso Lessons
The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers, first published in 2003, outlines the foundation of the Warrior’s Way ® material. Espresso Lessons takes the material into practical climbing situations. It is the “how to” application of The...


Postcards from the Ledge
I was searching Amazon for some Joe Simpson books and this one popped up. I thought it was one I missed but then saw that Simpson wrote the introduction to it. It seemed pretty entertaining so I bought a copy.Greg Child's Postcards from the...


How to Climb�
A complete guide to climbing the largest, most sheer rock faces in the world, entertainingly written by two of the most experienced climbers in the history of the sport.


Crag Survival Handbook
Dogs at the trailhead, belayers in lawn chairs, long lines queued up at the classics in Eldorado Canyon the crags seem more crowded and more crazy than ever. In fact, according to the Outdoor Industry Association, in the United States more than 3.6...


Coaching Climbing
This book is for climbing coaches and teachers and parents of young climbers. It presents an integrated approach to coaching, focusing on individualized evaluation and training of climbers as the key to improving performance and maintaining safety...


More Climbing Anchors
It's not the fall that kills you, it's the landing. This book by veteran climbers Long and Gaines reviews how to set good anchors and avoid the plunge. (I don't suggest this book to teach the art of anchor building---for that you need some rock time...


Dangling sweaty-palmed from a 3000-foot cliff for days on end, Jared Ogden taught himself to climb his first big wall by trial and error. Why should you have to do the same? The man who went on to free El Capitan and the Nose in less than...


Kiss or Kill
KISS OR KILL Sit back and join the ride with this collection of edge-of-your-seat climbing stories by MarkTwight aka Dr. Doom. "Somewhere out there somebody understands these words and knows they matter. They were written in blood, learned by...


Self-Coached Climber
A dynamic package of training material from a pair of expert coaches, "The Self-Coached Climber" offers comprehensive instruction, from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a customized improvement plan. Hague and...


Self Rescue by David Fasulo is an invaluable resource for the average climber. Includes knots, info on transporting victims, skills required, scenarios and possible situations.


Classic Rock
'Classic Rock' is a celebration of Britain's best climbing. With its coverage of the easier climbs, it is accessible to everyone who has ever taken an interest in rock-climbing and an ideal primer for those about to commence the sport.