The O'Malley Legacy
Travel through history with the O'Malley women-from the 14th century and Branna O'Malley, the Irish Barbarian, to the 1820s and sail the Jamaica Winds with Quinlan Stoddard, and finally to Seana Riordan, fighting for her love and country during the...


Returning Tides (Provincetown Tales, #6)
Insurance investigator Ashley Walker faces more than a dangerous opponent when she returns to the town, and the woman, she left behind. In the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster, Reese Conlon and Tory King deal with the challenges...


Out on the Panhandle (The Adventures of Decky and Charlie, #2)
Take a thirty-nine-year-old woman, born and raised on the beach, and plop her down on the Panhandle of Oklahoma in the midst of her lover’s huge family reunion. Add in a cow chip throwing contest, a horse round up, Native American legends, a crazed...