Disability Incarcerated
Disability Incarcerated offers an outstanding collection of interdisciplinary scholarship examining the incarceration and segregation of people with disabilities the United States and Canada.


Desiring Disability
In multiple locations, activists and scholars are mapping the intersections of queer theory and disability studies, moving issues of embodiment and desire to the center of cultural and political analyses. The two fields are premised on the idea that...


Harkham's Corner (Harkham's, #3)
Adam Latham has the dream life he always wanted. The beautiful, caring wife, cute kid and a nearly complete college education, leading to a promising career. He even owns a house with a garage and a car he can get kinky in with his wife.Only...


Win Your Social Security Disability Case
Win Your Social Security Disability Case provides step-by-step information to successfully obtain and keep receiving Social Security Disability benefits. All the necessary forms and sample letters required to appeal an unfavorable decision will be...


Wheels of Steel, Book 2
In book 1 you were introduced to Robin and Jason; a talented young man with cerebral palsy and his introverted caregiver. Their dawning love transcended their racial and social difference. Now in book 2 Jason and Robin along with the other member of...


Eyes of Desire
In a collection of essays, deaf lesbians and gay men discuss their lives, describing how they discovered their sexual identity, overcame barriers to communication in a hearing world, and created a deaf gay and lesbian culture. Original.


Someone Special, Just Like You
What?: This books sets out to dispel the fears people have regarding individuals with disabilities. It demonstrates that all people have the same desires for love, acceptance, and friendship.So What?: Children will learn that we share more...