Folk Tales

A Hundred Fables of La Fontaine
Charming verse translations of La Fontaine’s fables. Read in an electronic version with some guesswork due to hash caused by diacriticals, etc.About two thirds of the way through I began to consider what a country’s ‘children’s literature’...


Still More Stories to Solve
"Birbal was a jestor, counselor, and fool to the great Moghul emperor, Akbar. The villagers loved to talk of Birbal's wisdom and cleverness, and the emperor loved to try to outsmart him. One day the emperor drew a line across the floor. 'Birbal,'...


Tales of the Shimmering Sky
Tales of the Shimmering Sky is a collection of sky tales from around the world.Included in this book are activities and experiences that will enrich the meaning of these tales, collected from places such as Mexico, Scandinavia, India, and from...